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Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

FILM: Richard Gere stars in Arbitrage

Richard Gere once said that he regretted passing on the role of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, but in Nicholas Jarecki’s new financial thriller Arbitrage, Gere finally has his day with his portrayal of the very like minded Robert Miller. The film follows Miller, a star hedge fund manger, as he attempts to sell his empire and juggle his family and mistress until an accident occurs, forcing him to rely on the son of a former employee, Jimmy Grant played by Nate Parker, who has a totally different set of ethics.

The film has a classic feel despite its enormous relevance to modern day as it follows a man whose personal life is as full of morally empty compromises as his professional life is. The cast is solid with notable actors like Susan Sarandon as Miller’s wife, Brit Marling as his daughter, and Tim Roth as the detective trying to bring Miller down by any means. The film also features some well played parts by known non-actors such as: Exorcist director William Friedkin and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.  The film has an almost Shakespearian feel to it as it plays the corrupt characters against those with heart, but instead of deaths in the finale we are left with mergers and acquisitions. What’s great about the film is that it works both as a fast-paced thriller which appeals to a vast audience and as a pertinent, thought-provoking moral drama.

Arbitrage, starring Richard Gere, opens in theaters nationwide September 14.

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FILM: Richard Gere stars in Arbitrage