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Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2012

Eco-Luxury Skincare from Zelens

When it comes to skincare from the UK, we think of the usual suspects like Boots or Molton Brown. There is a new player in the game with an eco-luxury skincare collection. Zelens is the creation of a leading British cosmetic surgeon and the line is inspired by Japanese skincare rituals with an emphasis on the biological functions of the skin and botanical formulations. The two products I tried were the Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser and 3t Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream.

The Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser ($60, 4.2 oz.) has a milky texture with an incredible silky, smooth feeling when washing your face. The cleanser contains camellia oil, pearl extracts, aloe vera and vitamin E. After about a month, the effects of the cleanser showed more luminosity, but nothing substantial.

The 3t Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream ($150, 1.7 oz.) truly minimizes the signs of aging. Along with 20 botanical extracts, herbal oils, rice, hyaluronic acid and pearl powder, the velvety cream with a hint of rose essence, will give you smoother skin and smaller pores. Like the cleanser, it took about 4 weeks to notice results, but nevertheless I was swayed. The cream is extremely moisturizing and I woke up from the prior night’s application with softer skin.

Zelens is a convincing line that will raise the bar for eco-luxury skincare. The regime is simple and the products are straightforward without fragrances, parabens, or other irritants. The price point is higher than comparable products, but can you put a price on youth and beauty?

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Eco-Luxury Skincare from Zelens