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Published On: Wed, Nov 12th, 2014

FILM: Satellite Beach

Satellite BeachLuke Wilson takes a solitary poignant/comical turn playing Warren Flowers, supposed NASA shuttle manager seeing the passage of the Endeavor space shuttle through L.A. to the California Science Center. Harried in his white shirt and tie, more often than not answering reporters’, cop’s and citizen’s questions with a “stay right here” and then running off to find answers, Luke Wilson and his brother Andrew managed a guerilla ‘on location’ filming sans permits, clearances etc., shooting over the course of three days and nights here. Most scenes were shot in one take and improvised of Wilson with his folder and permanently serious expression at the edge of dynamic shots of the weary Endeavor space vehicle making its slow way past the L.A. Forum, down through decidedly dangerous parts of L.A. and almost NOT over a bridge.

Along the way we may-or-may not-learn really who Wilson’s character may-or may not-be, even as we follow him all the way down to Florida as the film ends with the Atlantis space shuttle making its final move to NASA. Other than some funny Wilson confrontations (I like mostly how he buddies with cops and NASA workers, slipping in as if he’s supposed to be where he is and is so likable you can’t help to accept him) this movie really is a beautifully shot travelogue of the big slightly battered but still beautiful Endeavor, and for that alone Satellite Beach is worth seeing.

Slip in a little strange Luke Wilson performance and you have quite a little gem of a short film here. Satellite Beach has already won awards for Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Live Drama, and The Bruce Corwin Award for Best Live Action Short Film Under 30 Minutes and is presently Oscar qualifying.

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FILM: Satellite Beach