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Published On: Wed, Feb 25th, 2015

Lola de Hanna: The Other Side

lolaLola de Hanna
The Other Side

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Greece native/NYC transplant singer-songwriter Lola de Hanna’s got a lot to offer with her new EP, The Other Side.

“A Knack For These…” is a tom/hand clap programmed mover, making use of some swirling, big Middle Eastern-flavored backing vocals from Lola, with her blisteringly strong lead vocals upfront. “Ghosts” follows, a piano-led tune with Lola double tracking her harmony vocals in this pretty yet tragic ode about a woman not being able to get away from who she is.

We are back to some even more imaginative, higher-tuned percussion on “I Will Follow,” which provides a full range of Lola’s production, with bass, drums, her harmonies and the running percussion with lush choruses of hand claps, strings and layered voices. “So Grey” features neat, roiling guitar riffing and a quick snare-led beat with lots of echo vocals and bleaty keys and bass. It moves with a metallic plotting, more pop confection than anything that Lola presents before it. With “Thin Air,” we are back to drum programming, stuttering this time, and Lola executing her slight chant-infused vocals. There are great harmonies here once again and percussion moving the beat with electric guitar and drum stomps in the mix. On “Wings,” we are in William Orbit/Madonna territory here with warbly keys, backing and lilting Lola’s vocal. The chorus opens things up though to almost commercial pop, a spoken-word over a middle strings part and Lola getting really strong at the tail.

The Other Side from Lola de Hanna is great stuff indeed.

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Lola de Hanna: The Other Side