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Published On: Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015

Joe Blessett: Excuse Me

joe blessettJoe Blessett
Excuse Me

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Joe Blessett presents his mix of hip hop, jazz and R&B across the twelve songs of his new album, Excuse Me.

The title tracks opens the album with not much to it beyond two raps on top of one another, some acoustic noodling and what adds up to a wasted ‘tude to the lyric. But “Who’s In My Shit” grooves with a great big fat bass, wailing guitar, and percussion, but as with “Excuse Me,” the lyric is wasted.

I like the running, bleeping keys and laid back snare beginning of “Taking It Down.” The heavy bass stomp keys here is super cool and gets us through the simple opening into the funky keys and the lead. It’s a fine concoction; Blessett certainly can deliver on the musical side of his productions, that’s for sure!

“Paying Bills” presents the first solid rap and again a stomping heavy bass and high hat slap-back. “Joe Blow” is really a showcase for what turns out to be a Miles Davis-like riff that, like lots of Miles (though jazz purists would never admit it) simply meanders in soling. But I like the softer slink of the pretty, acoustic guitar and metallic percussion of “In the City,” as it swirls and opens up to quite a heady brew.

“Good to My Girl” has a good beat, nice soft rapping, piano and upright bass. It’s another good mix of jazz and hip hop. Beepy keys, over-driven guitar, and tinny drums inform “Athene’s Theory,” a big dramatic sounding ender that swirls around a siren sound.

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Joe Blessett: Excuse Me