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Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2015

Klassik: Spring EP

Spring EP

Award-winning Milwaukee hip hop/R&B artist Klassik has released another EP in his SEASONS series. This three-song collection Spring represents new life, embodying a revitalized spirit through more rapidfire wordplay and accelerated tempos than Klassik has tried before, as he works vigorously to shake the frost of his Winter collection, the EP that came first in this series. No longer defeated by the gloom of gray skies and snow storms, Spring brings forth a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

“Go Far” is bedded by a toy drum programmed sound, offering Klassik’s soft spoken word approach with a plinky, single-note piano and a stuttering bass drum that gives the whole concoction meat. “Know It All (Prod. by Mag Spencer)” has a really fast “shaka-kaka”-sounding back beat with echoing single keys. I like the kinetic pacing of this one and showing as it does yet another nuance to Klassik’s voice (here he is almost singing), it is clearly my favorite song of the trio. “Otha Fish (Feat. OYE!)” is quite another, wholly different sounding rap tune with low, roiling, horn sounds and a low, low bass that really moves the tune along. I’m not so sure about the theme of spring working to what the man is on about here in this short collection, but Klassik’s EP Spring is a tight little three-song journey into the seasons of this rapper’s mind.

You can listen to the EP here.

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Klassik: Spring EP