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Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2015

The Vigilance Committee: Exit A Hero

exit a heroThe Vigilance Committee
Exit a Hero

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The Vigilance Committee is a four-piece rock band from Long Island, NY that features Peter J. Scoma on guitar and vocals, Christian Cepeda keyboards, vocals and guitar, Phil Corso drums and vocals and Jesse Asch bass and vocals.

Exit A Hero, their latest, begins with “Set the Pacific on Fire.” It’s an overdriven, kinetic roil of everything thrown out front to compete, the bass from Asch and Corso’s drumming especially prevalent. “186” again features the snapping quickness and calling-all-toms playing of Corso, and when the solid harmonies open up the verses, we get a decided Mellotron-sounding, single-note backing to once again a wailing/running-as-fast-as-we-can, breakneck train-chugging. Can anyone say King Crimson?

Volume pedal guitar noodling provides the bed for “Physics of Form,” but then we are off to the races yet again, in a featureless tune of show-off dexterity. “Expositor” fares better introducing as it does a solid, mid-’60s, flowery feel from the guitar and easy (well easier than what has gone before) beat and dare I say it sounds almost poppy, as does the guitar-picked “Reflections 11.” I love how Corso lays back on this one especially.

The title track ends the album, another full push of guitar-led dynamics (lots of Hackett influence here I feel) and Corso, once again, standing out. It’s certainly a number that could have used with some trimming.

The Vigilance Committee guys have good voices, can play around and build some blisteringly fast changes, but they seem hampered by their need to make every song a show-off-epic.

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The Vigilance Committee: Exit A Hero