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Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

THE SEX FILES: Kristina Rose discusses her new Vivid Radio Show “Canela Tales”

Kristina RoseMulti-award winning adult performer Kristina Rose hosts her new Vivid Radio Show “Canela Tales” and it is going to be hot! Given Kristina’s naughty and frank approach-and the admitted attraction to and special relationships she has with inmates in maximum security prisons-the call-in section of her show alone will prove to be interesting, to say the least.

I had the chance to speak with the wonderfully sassy and sexy Kristina about her new show…and whatever else was on her naughty mind.

Why is the show called “Canela Tales”?   

Canela is my stripper stage name and I tell my stories on the show. You know all the crazy shit that goes down in the club: girls trying to fuck each other up, guys coming in talkin’ themselves up. Today I told a story about a guy who threw money on the stage, and every time I turned my back he picked it back up! But Canela means ‘cinnamon’ and that just sounded cool to me.

Opening the calls up to inmates it seems you could get some very interesting conversations going indeed…are you ready for all that off-the-cuff action? 

I was born ready; they’re not ready for me! Every girl likes something different. Some girls are into bad boys. I like the guys that try to kill the bad boys and do time for it.

What else beyond the inmate calls can one expect to hear on your show? 

All my sexual escapades and my slutty girl wisdom. I think what I really do best is tell stories about the guys I make give me head.

How do you prepare for a radio show? Was this something you always thought about doing?  

I thought about a podcast because so many people ask about it but I never got around to it. But I have always been interested in it. To prepare, I just make notes all week about the shit that happens to me.

You got into porn in 2007, and through the past near decade you have been in the business. What changes have you seen, good and bad?  

Bad? I feel like the industry can be pretty shitty sometimes. It feels like there’s more disease now. Oh, and too many hooker girls trying to get famous, Not enough genuine sluts. The Good? I don’t know. Technology lets the girls cut out the middle man. We go rogue and keep our cash.

What else do you have planned beyond your new Vivid show?

I plan to go get some Salsa and beer tonight. That’s about how much I plan. But that shit works for me.

Listen to Kristina Rose’s Canela Tales on and on the SiriusXM app 791

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THE SEX FILES: Kristina Rose discusses her new Vivid Radio Show “Canela Tales”