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Published On: Wed, Sep 9th, 2015

Michael Hubbard: The Breakup

michael bMichael Hubbard
The Breakup

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The striking, high strings of “Prelude” open (as a prelude should) Michael Hubbard’s new seven-song album, The Breakup. There’s lots of solid music moments here from Hubbard, enlisting strong male and female singers singing his songs about the highs and lows of love. Flowing into those same strings, Hubbard’s sweet piano moves under the equally sweet vocals of Brittni Jessie on the lilting “Letting Go,” informed by Richmond Punch’s string composition and playing. The slow funk snapping and warbly echo groove lays under Antwyn Jackson’s vocals on “Never Enuf” in the first true mover here. “Just on the Dance Floor” has a good schunking, quick beat, a flick-flick with NaQuiyah Hodges hitting a staccato pop vocal of a banal but effective-for-what-it-is lyric. “Time” features Shaniqua Williams’ informed by soft snapping beat, as well as soft harmonies and trickling arpeggiated keys. “’Fore You’re Gone” is my favorite among all the tunes on The Breakup. It has some great played horns, an odd, plucky drum beat and really works the lyrical ideas here to the ‘fore.’ About The Breakup Hubbard says, “This is my first concept album consisting of all original material, touching on varying themes of a subject which seems so relevant, especially since it will release exactly six months away from February 14, on the opposite side of Valentine’s Day. I worked with some phenomenal singers, musicians, co-writers, and co-producers, and I am proud of each one of these songs, each for different reasons.” And Hubbard should be proud, there is some truly stellar music here, truly about something.


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Michael Hubbard: The Breakup