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Published On: Fri, Feb 5th, 2016

THE SEX FILES: We review two films from Julie Simone

Julie Simone BreathlessAs you recall from last week, I was speaking to femdom star Julie Simone. Getting the ladyā€™s take on her business was fascinating and below I add to our peak into Julieā€™s world by reviewing two movies she was kind enough to provide. So here we go with Anal Bitch Boys and Breathless.

Anal Bitch Boys is a ā€œpeggingā€ video starring Julie, Maya Sinstress, and Mistress Tangent. This one is not for the faint of heartā€¦or those not ready to watch men get dildoed. In quite a few scenes here the male slave is being attended to by more than just Julie (though there are a few scenes where it is just her and her slave alone). Men are as much sucking as they are being taken (sometimes at the same time) and for extra special arousal, Julie and her mistresses are dressed in a wide variety of provocative latex from scene to scene. There is an especially hot moment, when Julie and Mistress Tangent attend to their slave, where the closeness of Julie taking slow, deliberate and oh so sexy strokes to the man facing her sucking her fake dick is so perfect.

There is a goodly amount of binding here as well, in those solo Julie scenes I mention and she is an expert at this; itā€™s almost as much fun watching her tie a male slave up as it is everything else she does to him.

Breathless, nominated for anĀ AVN award this year, is truly kinky. Its one-on-one Julie and her slave as he is taken through a mummified smothering fantasy very unlike anything you might have ever seenā€¦even those folks into femdom havenā€™t seen stuff like this. As Julie says above, one of her favorite kind of scenes to get into is indeed smoking scenes and here we get smoking quite a lotā€¦into a thin little tube her completely encased slave holds in his mouth.

Sitting across from her naked slave, we begin with a brief discussion about the nastiness about to ensue (though we arenā€™t completely clued in, that would spoil the surprise), then Julie (dressed in a red latex dress with an open very low cut front) drapes her slave in a skin-sucking latex sheath. His head is hooded, with Julie lubing the latex hood very seductively (thatā€™s when she inserts that tube and smokes into it) then more latex sheathing is draped over the man, with more breathplay ensuing, then Julie takes another hood she especially re-fixed for this session and the manā€™s head is tightly encased in what is essentiallyĀ a rubber bubble with just a single round breathing hole. After lots of teasing, head holding, Julie taunts, Felix is masturbated through that sweating sheath over his naked body by Julie holding a Hitachi wand at his crotch and occasionally grabbing his neck. This is wild grand great kink stuff, on theĀ verge of being justĀ about the best breathplay adventuring I have ever seen.

Again, Julieā€™s DVDs can be purchased hereĀ and individual scenes can be downloaded hereĀ and you can learn all you want about the wonderful world of true femdom via Julie Simone here.

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THE SEX FILES: We review two films from Julie Simone