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Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2016

Human Darts: Explicit Thoughts

human-darts-explicit-thoughtsHuman Darts
Explicit Thoughts

The new EP Explicit Thoughts from Tampa rock project Human Darts comes right at ya. “Tell My Sister” with its “Tell my sister that she can’t wear that dress” lines and great guitar noodling in between braying vocals as much hits one with retarded choruses as the quickest playing here I believe. “Zombie Man Chant” features “Mexican Radio”-like distorted vocals, while there is a cover of “Hey Good Lookin’” here, and a poppy, snare drum-led “Stitches.” This is music mining the infamous Dart music that started back in the 70’s – a poppy, Devo-like, surfer guitar blend of fun. In the late 70’s a record was released by a band called the Human Darts, except that there wasn’t a band at all. Three friends released the record and went about their own musical careers while the single turned into a punk underground collector’s release. What followed was the start of bands from across the country with different members with sometimes different names pounding out the simple sonic signature of the Darts. One of the original producers/writers, “Mr. Zelk” tracked down the son of an original Dart member Shane Close and original guitarist John Arduser and here again comes Dart music… or so the legend goes. Explicit Thoughts will get you movin’ for sure.

You can listen to the EP here.

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Human Darts: Explicit Thoughts