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Published On: Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017

Fourth Dimension (4D): Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1

Fourth Dimension (4D)
Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1
(Dank Radio)

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California jazz/crossover musician Jody Giachello (aka Fourth Dimension, or just “4D”) gives us this first volume, Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1 of a promised two-part exploration of fusion. The multidimensional drummer/percussionist/producer Giachello and his players (Dustin Moore/Neon Phoenix, Justin Panariello, Christian Wunderlich, Andy Meixner, and Steve White) lay out some finely played and written compositions in these six tunes. “Watchman’s Warning (Premonition)” is a wild flight of an opener built around a bleating few notes. We get Giachello’s grooving and some synth and guitar wailing off that groove, and while it’s fine playing, for me it’s a tune like “Nuclear Fusion (Star Light)” where Giachello rolls off his snare and toms in a stilted beat that makes this album the gem it is. The talking synth, heavy piano plucking, and Moore’s talk box guitar really swirl this one into a brew. “The Return of the Nephilim (Kosmokraters)” is heavy and growly (Panariello’s bass especially has it in his runs up the fretwork). When we really get rolling, I am reminded of Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth mixing it up on early U.K. albums. Synth guitars cut through with Giachello hitting hard and fast under the feedback. The album ends with what sounds like a live and funky “Darkness Rising,” which is pretty much as straight forward as anything gets here with some weird vocalizing, Giachello chunking out a beat and his players sailing almost prog-like lines over him. Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1 is great stuff indeed.



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Fourth Dimension (4D): Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1