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Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

Migos: C U L T U R E


The supergroup Migos has been creating music for quite some time. They formed in 2009 and just didn’t stop. They actually started making music in the 7th grade. After several mixtapes and buying drinks for DJs in Georgia, they struck gold. Before the chart-toping single “Bad and Boujee,” they were known for the hit single “Versace.” They have a way of making me fully enjoy trap culture. To be honest, trap music is my brand new phenomenon and I’m adjusting very well. C U L T U R E to me is dope; it’s fun, the production is consistent, catchy, and best of all, audible. Migos defies stereotypes about this new genre. I’ve already acknowledged how much of a hit “Bad and Boujee” is, so I’ll move on to my next favorite record, which is their next single as well. “DEADZ” is almost hypnotic. Although trap production can be repetitive, if its produced well, can be such a vibe (mood or set a tone of energy). The song features 2 Chainz who fits magically well in the mix.

Either they strategically planned their album to have all singles, are extremely talented, or a combination of the two. The next single “T-SHIRT” is also one of my favorites. I’m automatically pulled in by the beat, but as I learn the words, I like it more. “SLIPPERY” is fun and feels like a sure hit in the club. “BIG ON BIG” is also on repeat and keeps the album steady throughout. This album is fun, energetic, and contagious. Culture changes, but change is good.

You can listen to the album here.

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Migos: C U L T U R E