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Published On: Thu, May 4th, 2017

THE SEX FILES: Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On…Fact or Fiction?

As we can’t expect everything we read in Wikipedia to be accurate (or in the New York Times) don’t expect 100% truthful reporting across Netflix programming. In fairness, there is just so much coming at us all the time from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, one could never keep up to make sure that every single piece of content is 100% accurate, or even interesting. But when one makes a “docuseries” (don’t you just love how these new words are born?) and that programming is about the adult industry, well, you might get some backlash if you don’t present things the way they really are.

In their new docuseries, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, Netflix is getting called out by porn stars and producers for a supposed bunch of inaccuracies laced through the show.

The history on this latest series that began its run 4/21/2017, is simply that directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus were commissioned by Netflix to expand their 2015 “Hot Girls Wanted” documentary; that film told the story of amateur porn making in Florida. But the latest Bauer/Gradus collaboration is being met with criticism such as:

Claims that the producers misrepresented the theme of the series, in fact, there are claims being made that when asked, the directors said they were not affiliated with their past flick, Hot Girls Wanted.

Claims there is too much footage on troubled female performers over non-troubled ones. Makes sense of course, as bad news is certainly more interesting than good. Adult stars going about their lives, filming their movies and living otherwise staid lives is boring, no?

Claims footage was used without performers’ consent. Effy Elizabeth and Autumn Kay say that footage from their Periscope feed was used in one of the episodes without their permission.

One would like to think that Netflix would maybe see to it that the directors of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, might get things right. In fairness, can we believe the critics? The claimants above could be just as off base with their charges as the series is in error with how they conducted themselves? Who knows if Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On will mark another blemish on porn, add some light into peoples’ perceptions or not really land on anyone’s radar after a few months?

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THE SEX FILES: Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On…Fact or Fiction?