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Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

Incubus: 8

(Island Records)

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Incubus has always been an anomaly in the music world. A pendulum swing away from superstardom, complete with heartthrob lead singer, Brandon Boyd. Along with that, the band has had HITS, with multiple songs crossing over into the pop spectrum; see “Drive”, “Love Hurts,” and “Stellar” for example. The band has also always stuck to their guns; see Bush-era “Megalomaniac,” and everything off of “S.C.I.E.N.C.E”. So when the band debuted new music for their eighth record with the tongue-in-cheek title 8, I wasn’t sure which incubus I was going to get as they seem to straddle that line like pros. 8 is the band’s best record in a decade.

The album kicks off with the bare-chested, beach ball sing along “No Fun”, and quickly keeps up the energy with lead single “Nimble Bastard” with lyrics that cut like glass. “State of the Art” is a radio ready song that showcases guitarist Mike Eisenberg’s skills. “Glitterbomb” is a head banger with a chorus that climbs El Capitan in the summertime. “Undefeated” is the other token radio song, in the same vein as “Love Hurts” showcasing the range of Boyd’s voice. “Loneliest” wins the award for “poppiest” song in the Incubus canon, tip-toeing an R&B line that is very welcome. “Love in the Time of Surveillance” is a throwback and similar sound to pre-Make Yourself and is the best song on the record.

8 is full of energy and made to listen from beginning to end in a time of one off singles. The band is tight bringing a fresh statement in a waning genre. We welcome Incubus to be the flag bearers for rock in the coming years.

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Incubus: 8