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Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Mary J. Blige: Strength of a Woman

Mary J. Blige
Strength of a Woman
(Capitol Records)

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There’s no other way to put it, Mary J. Blige is an R&B Icon. Her career started at Uptown Records as a backup singer in 1989 to the release of What’s the 411? in 1992. Thirteen albums and 150 appearances later,  she is still standing. I grew up learning Love & Life lessons from this woman. She has earned the respect of legends and young superstars alike.

She has sold over 50 million records and bared her soul on record after record. Her being a native New-Yorker of course gives me the right to brag from another perspective as well. Her 9 Grammy’s, Soul Train Awards and countless other accolades only more prove her consistency and success in this industry. She is the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.” What makes Mary amazing is her transparency and sincerity in her music.

Strength of A Woman is no different. Unfortunately she is currently going through a divorce. It isn’t pretty, but somehow she still pulls through to make great music that can help other women.

“Indestructible” attests to that. It’s a song that dismisses the stereotype that women get bitter after breakups. She’s sings “be indestructible, indestructible” and you hear it from her heart. “Glow Up,” a Missy Elliot produced record, is one of my top three. It shows me the bright side to ending a dysfunctional situation and recognizing your power. It’s the realization of starting over, and that being a good thing.

“Thick of it” is a passionate ballad. It’s her being super honest about her wanting her relationship to work, staying longer than she should, and realizing her worth.

I Love “Set Me Free.” It’s real, it’s raw, and it deals with the reality of a lot of relationships in the present day. The album has amazing production, it’s a story, and it’s complete. “Strength of A Woman” is well written, there are jewels throughout the song. It’s empowering, it teaches, it’s relevant and points towards a new enlightened feminist movement. I am in no way surprised by how good this album is. Some of us sink and some of us swim in bad situations. Mary’s always been a swimmer, hence why she’s an icon, and still the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.”

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Mary J. Blige: Strength of a Woman