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Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

Beach House: B-Sides and Rarities

Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities
(Sub Pop)

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Beach House’s B-Sides and Rarities is a compilation album full of gentle atmospheric tunes, and soft memorable melodies.

The first track, “Chariot,” clocks in at just over five minutes with soft reverb, lush vocals from Victoria Legrand, and a steady pace that each instrument moves to. In signature Beach House style, “Chariot” fills the room and is topped off with a simple sweet melody on keys.

Strong, steady, echoing chords provide a solid backing, and all of the sounds meld perfectly together, transporting the listener to a distant and isolated shoreline. “Baby” follows, a mysterious and beachy track with a gentle sway and cool downward spiraling melody.

The third song, “Equal Mind,” really stands out. It sounds like the band’s more recent work in terms of production, and features less effects drowning out Legrand’s vocal’s (although Beach House’s use of reverb and other effects is a large part of their charm). “Used to Be” stands out too, but for its rhythm with bells and a basic bouncy beat.

Beach House really makes “Play the Game” (originally by Queen) their own, opting for a slow pulsing kick drum and heavy reverb on Alex Scally’s guitar parts in lieu of the original loud, front-and-center, rock and roll guitar solo. The lyrics suit Legrand’s voice and Beach House’s overall mood perfectly.

The last section of the compilation fades into a distant drone. The songs are still soft and show off the band’s talents, but no particular one stands out aside from a remix of the popular “10 Mile Stereo.”

Beach House’s B-Sides and Rarities is as dreamy as the dream pop label their music is constantly given, and a real treat for fans both old and new.

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Beach House: B-Sides and Rarities