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Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Alarma: World Ignition

World Ignition

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Alarma’s World Ignition is certainly going to get your engine running. The core members of band; Pedro Martinez, Alessandro Morosin, Greg Panos, and Eduardo Sandoval, truly deliver here in an 8-song collection of fast little ditties that you really can’t help but tap your feet to or sing along with.

There’s truly great odd pop here, from the staccato Mexicano-sounding opener “Fire,” where Eduardo Sandoval’s drums and percussion snap rightly under Pedro Martinez’s nasal lead vocals, to “In Your Mind,” a poppy electric mover with a plunking beat.

“Turn The Knob” sees the full use of a strong vocal mix (again it has that poppy beat) but the “na-na-na’s” and those vocal harmonies in the chorus, walking bass, and wacky single-note piano runs from Martinez give way to big dramatic stomping synth hits that bring this one up over the top. “Negra Tomasa,” with its slippy acoustic guitar and high-end percussion brings us right into Tijuana territory; a wonderful love song with lots of flavor and a great mix of those vocals from Martinez and guitarist, Alessandro Morosin once again.

“Cumbia Step,” with its weird gated key sounds ends the album, it is the tune with most futuristic soundscape and Ulises Rodriguez’s accordion riff just brings the whole concoction around. I love this tune, with all its bleeps and heavy bass sweeping, what a great end to a solid and smart bunch of tunes from a band who know exactly what they are doing.

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Alarma: World Ignition