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Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

THE SEX FILES: We Talk with Adult Star Gaberiella Monroe

Gaberiella (Gabby) Monroe is a BBW adult star utilizing the net and social media second-to-none. From going to school to be a professional chef and then working in that field nearly a decade ago to slipping into adult entertainment by chance, then marrying a man who not only supported her career but helped her in three years to build her Manyvids channel, and even PG-content for Youtube (and all that she is into now) Gabby is making her way pleasing fans all the while “having a blast doing it.” I had the opportunity to sit down with this fetching curvy lady about all she is into presently. The BBW distinction seems to get much more respect from mainstream media these days, where they call it “full-figured” or “plus size.” Have you found things are better for a BBW in the adult field these days as well? I would say that it’s more recognized and mainstream than it used to be. However it’s still a title that is sometimes synonymous with being overweight, which I think is a stigma of society in general. I have actually gotten flack from other models saying I don’t fit the BBW term at all because I’m not ‘bigger.’ It continues to grow as a popular search term and more and more models are embracing it, but it will only really matter if the fans are letting those content outlets know what they want or what they appreciate. Fans run this adult content world, and them speaking out about appreciating BBW performers is what will make drastic changes in the industry. How does one know which social media to be part of these days or do you just blast yourself across as much of it as you can and see what sticks? Blasting yourself everywhere seems to be your best bet. If you catch a following on one vs. the other and you enjoy that platform or you find the secret sauce to make it work for you then continue to work it or dedicate more time to it. That being said, I notice a lot that some models engage in buying followers or likes, etc. This creates an unrealistic expectation that each picture you post on IG or Twitter needs to get thousands of likes for you to matter. This just isn’t true unless you’re super established or dedicate massive amounts of time to that social media account. What really matters is how you optimize the things you’re posting or the words you’re using so you show up better in search results. Look at other models and what they are doing, what hashtags are they using, who is their market and is that market the same as yours? You can’t be everyone’s favorite, you have to find that audience that supports you and cater to it. You seem to be into lots of fun naughty activities. Are there things you particularly like to do on camera? After starting as a cam model in 2015, and then starting to make my first early content, I was trying multiple things along the way to see what worked best and now I am into many things, like cosplay, or fetish videos, etc. However, I do enjoy doing videos of fantasies that I’m into. Some of my best selling videos such as my “Camgirl secrets: Cable guy cream pie fuck” were thought of on a whim and shot more like an actual porn movie, and I was into it. So I think that’s why it has done so well. (You can find that content here: Is there anything that’s specifically not your cup of tea? I don’t like doing any kind of degradation role-play, or things that make me feel less than an actual person. Also nothing illegal, that should go without saying. Some fetishes, also kind of boggle my mind, like CEI, but if you want to buy a custom video from me, acting like a bitch telling you to eat your own loser jizz, I’m fine with it. (she laughs). Is the old model of companies producing big budget movies to sell on DVD, dead? I think there is still a customer base for it but it’s nothing like it used to be. Technology moves on, and so does digital content streaming. We are a nation of “I want it now” and I think it’s always been that way with adult film especially. People seem to be talking about VR as being the next step in adult film, but even this to me is a ways off until the technology becomes less cumbersome; who wants to really wear a giant headset while wanking it? How are you going to explain that when your mom walks in seeing you air grab a titty in VR with your pants down? With changes in political parties, federal law is always a rather nebulous entity, do you worry that at any time what you do could come under some regulations that you simply can’t battle? This falls under things that are out of our control as sex workers. I know some will not be content with that reply, and that all of us adult workers should band together like ‘The Avengers’ to fight for out rights to fuck. But the reality is, we don’t control things like we think we do, and sadly sometimes fans abandon us when the going gets rough But to paraphrase the Ian Malcolm character from Jurassic Park: “Porn will find a way”…or something like that. Tell us what’s the newest thing you are working on and what might we expect in the future from you? I am currently recovering from breast surgery that was to remove a lump I had (I’m fine, it was not cancerous). After I fully recover I plan to be making even more cosplay and branching out into Hentai Content videos, more fuck-machine videos, story based videos like my Camgirl Secrets Pizza Guy or Cable guy video, public Nudity or flashing stuff and also working with other girls such as the lovely Lily Allegro. You can catch Gabby on any of the sites mentioned above, and on Porn Hub, Twitter, Instagram or find her whole universe here:

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THE SEX FILES: We Talk with Adult Star Gaberiella Monroe