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Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

THE SEX FILES: Catching Up With Savanna Samson/Natalie Oliveros

When I last caught up with Savanna Samson she was being inducted into Vivid’s Entertainment Hall Of Fame (see here) at a ceremony at Vivid Cabaret, New York. And though the lady did build a considerable notoriety performing in such adult classics like Flasher and The New Devil in Miss Jones, and become a favorite on The Howard Stern Show, there is so much more to this beautiful woman. Savanna, who is a trained ballerina and uses her real name, Natalie Oliveros in her other business pursuits, has been a maker of Savanna Samson Wines now for many a year and is the owner of La Fiorita winery. I had the chance to catch up with the beguiling entrepreneur and adult hall-of-famer for what’s happening presently in her busy life.

I was on hand for your Vivid Entertainment Hall of Fame Award down at Vivid Cabaret club in NYC and you were so very sweet and gracious, had such nice things to say. In thinking about your past, do you think people have accepted by now that you have been an adult star as much as you are now a wine maker?

I may be naive but I always felt people accepted me and my choices. I have always been an open book and never denied the things I’ve done or choices I’ve made. I think people respond positively to someone who is proud of what they’ve done and the person they’ve become. I’m sure there are haters but I don’t go searching for it.

Do you drink any kind of wine you do not yourself produce?

Oh absolutely! La Fiorita is wonderful but I couldn’t drink it all the time, I wouldn’t have enough for my customers! I love all sorts of wine. A simple Chianti, which is also Sangiovese is perfect with any meal. One of my favorite wines these days is Le Pergole Torte, a Super Tuscan made with 100% Sangiovese. On special occasions and for fancy dinners, a French Bordeaux is a treat. Chateaux Haut Brian is my favorite. White wine as well, a simple falanghina or white burgundy.

When you imbibe, is it always a glass a wine for you or do you enjoy other spirits and if so, have you ever been approached to produce other alcohol or any other products than wine?

I do like my vodka! Actually this year so far I haven’t indulged in a lot of hard alcohol. I gave it up for Lent and then never went back, aside from an occasional mojito. I was approached to be a part of a very special secret recipe line of alcohol but that fell through. Hmm I wonder what happened with that? And, by the way, I do make grappa. By law, I have to sell my skins at harvest for grappa and I get so many bottles in return. I imagine it’s mixed up with other producers as well.

What does you ballet/exercise routine consist of nowadays?

Now a days I do a variety of exercise. One class that I absolutely love is, well, The Class, by Taryn Toomey. She has studios in Manhattan and L.A. as well. All of her instructors are amazing. You can’t imagine this workout! You laugh, you cry, you scream; literally scream and sweat like crazy. It’s a very cathartic experience and I just love it. I also work out with Big Joe in my gym; he’s awesome. “Yo house!” is one of his many expressions. I had foot surgery a year ago but I think I’m ready to go back to ballet. Yes, that’s what’s missing in my life!

What are your overall impressions about the porn being produced these days, seeing less big budget fare and more performer driven/produced content?

I’m sure it’s wonderful for the viewers who just want to get to it! But I miss the story telling. I’m a sucker for a good love story with hot sex!

And following, if you were starting in porn now, would the way the business is done nowadays even appeal to you?

I’m not sure. I used to love getting that script! I was terrified at first of the acting but I loved it. I put so much into my movies and loved that when the kissing started the doors stayed open and the camera kept rolling. It was a very glamorous time of my life with Vivid and I’ll always be grateful. I hope your readers will check me out on

Since shortandsweet has both a NYC site and an LA site, I’d love if maybe you could share some brief impressions of each city. Where you go when you are in town, what you like (or dislike) about each.

New York for me is a playground! I live for the theater these days. I am very involved with DH&co my playgroup and we are always telling each other what to see and what not to see. The theater fills my soul! Opera and ballet of course too. Now-a-days restaurants in both New York and LA have new meaning for me because I’m either there to support those carrying my wine, La Fiorita or building relationships so they do carry it in the future. Of course then there is sushi which I must have a couple times a week! In New York I sit with Mitsu at Yasuda, in fact I was there when he received his Michelin star! He’s so sweet and his fish is beyond words. In LA I rush to see Katzu! Just make sure you never ask him for a dynamite roll or any of the kind! The last time I was in LA I had the strangest feeling. I was there and yet I still missed it…gee I wonder what it is I actually miss!

What’s coming for you in the next year?

So many exciting things at La Fiorita. We are building a new wine cellar and plan on the first harvest in it being 2019. It’s going to be incredible with a feminine touch; pink marble arches and cement maceration tanks with curves like a woman. I’m in Florence as I write this going to the Michelangelo institute to learn Italian.  It’s so hard but I’m determined to speak it!

My wine TV show Lady In Red hasn’t been picked up yet but there is still hope. It’s a wonderful concept, a travel and wine show hosted by yours truly. There are so many wonderful stories to be told in the wine world and so many places to see and learn about. So often people are driven by the point system of good wine but when you know the history behind it and fall in love with the people behind the brand, the wine is that much better. I want to find those stories and share them in my show. I have this feeling of something exciting in the air. I’m completely single so who knows, maybe it’s love….

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THE SEX FILES: Catching Up With Savanna Samson/Natalie Oliveros