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Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Daniel Caesar: Freudian

Daniel Caesar
(Golden Child Recordings)

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Toronto singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar’s Fruedian starts off with the catchy, but soft single, “Get You” (featuring Kali Uchis). The subtle funk of the bass line sets the mood, and the vocals are utterly beautiful.

“Best Part” (featuring H.E.R.) pours on the romance. The chorus is full of proclamations of love and devotion like “If life is a movie then you’re the best part.” This song will saturate your speakers and headphones with perfectly layered vocals, a steady pace, and gorgeously simple acoustic guitar chords.

“Hold Me Down” is definitely a stand out track with classic R&B instrumentals perfectly balanced with a modern touch. Caesar’s voice stays tender as always, but the lyrics here are self-assured, “If you love me, baby, let me hear you say it I know I’m favorite/ First you love me then you leave me on the pavement. I know I’m your favorite.”

Then the track completely transforms into a sorrowful and cavernous piece, flowing seamlessly into the atmospheric and half a capella “Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song).”

“Take Me Away” features Syd (of The Internet fame). It’s smooth with a touch of funk in the instrumentals, and a distorted, effect-heavy guitar solo. The lyrics are a perfect combination of poetic, sexy, and sweet. The vocals (especially during the chorus) are languorous and hypnotic.

The title track has a steady beat and starts off slightly discordant. It still fits in with the rest of this cohesive album, but it’s definitely another stand out. “Fruedian” (the song) clocks in at 10 minutes. It’s a tale of love, sorrow, and regret with touches of religious imagery. The song moves through sections that feature just vocals and an organ, and a fuller part with strong, almost choir like backing vocals.

From start to finish, Freudian is full of stellar vocals, sweet lyrics about love and lust, loss and regret, and surrounded by soulful rhythms. It’s a strong and memorable debut proving that Daniel Caesar is destined for great success and longevity.

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Daniel Caesar: Freudian