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Published On: Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017

Vic Mensa: The Autobiography

Vic Mensa
The Autobiography
(Roc Nation/Capitol)

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For me, Vic Mensa kinda came out of nowhere, and I don’t make that statement lightly. I like having my ear to the streets. It’s how I choose my subjects. I usually stumble upon an artist and then proceed to review one of their projects. This time I randomly picked Chicago-born rapper/MC Vic Mensa after seeing random articles and blog spotlights about him. He even cheated death just a week short of a meeting with Atlantic Records.

The 24 year old has a few more bragging rights as well having the official co-sign of Chicago idol, Kanye West and Roc Nation/ rap legend, Jay Z  rooting for him after building indie buzz with his first Single, “U Mad’ in 2015.  Due to international success it opened up his audience and led to a collaboration with Skrillex. Kanye West has heavily influenced his approach to music, and their similar upbringings further encourage comparisons. Although Mensa grew up with educators as parents it didn’t stop him from meddling in the streets. His bi-racial identity must have added a dimension to this experience as well. His delivery gives way to all the dimensions in his cadence. I hate to compare but at times it favors J. Cole.

Vic Mensa did something with this album that I haven’t seen in a while. The Autiobiography has 15 songs, which is pretty lengthy. I rarely see a hip-hop album with more than 12.  I sat with the project for some time, I wanted to get a a real feel for him not previously being familiar with his music.

His sound was familiar, but something about the consistency of it didn’t click with me. I think his music is mood music. While I stated my opinion on the consistency (or rather repetitiveness) I will not say there weren’t songs I liked. “Gorgeous” featuring Syd from the Internet was groovy, definitely a ladies anthem. “Homewrecker” featuring Weezer was entertaining. Vic is great at storytelling, and has a way of painting a picture and putting you in the moment. “Coffee and Cigarettes” surprised me because he was singing! I’m really beginning to appreciate the many facets of what it means to be an artist in this era. I really liked “Rage.” It had an inspirational feel, hopeful moments, and the music complemented the idea. I listened to it scattered so you would have to create your own playlist. Mensa has music for everyone on this album and it’s very conceptual as a whole. I have my moods and his music defines one of them. In those moments I’ll def press play.

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Vic Mensa: The Autobiography