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Published On: Tue, Oct 31st, 2017

Princess Nokia: 1992 Deluxe

Princess Nokia
1992 Deluxe
(Rough Trade)

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Destiny Frasqueri aka Wavy Spice aka Princess Nokia identifies as a bruja, tomboy, New York Boricua shorty, a feminist, and queer woman who isn’t burdened, but rather empowered by her complexity. I’m totally infatuated with her artistry, music, and overall movement. She has a flair and freedom that comes across in her attitude and delivery in every song.

She released her first song in 2010, so her “instant fame” isn’t as instant as people may believe. She began rapping at first, but when she released “Yaya,” (an homage to her Taino ancestry) she showed her ability to sing as well. 1992 Deluxe is her third release to date.

Being that I’m already a fan I’ll start with her two singles “Tomboy” and “Kitana,” which just screamed female liberation. In a time where there’s so much division and conflict, it’s imperative that we have music and artists who reflect the times. Princess Nokia has a way of meshing nostalgia and current events in one song. She is New York, the culture wrapped into a small pretty frame. “Green Line” is a perfect example of the smooth but gritty vibe of living in the Big Apple.

The nostalgia is present all throughout the album. One of my other favorites is “Saggy Denim.” It showcases just how cool Princess Nokia really is. She automatically puts me in a moment in time with just her selection of instrumentals. It reminds me of the 1990’s New York scene, and her rhymes depict a reality for many of us who grew up in the city in low income housing. She has so many layers as a woman and as an artist.

“Goth Kid” is yet another side, and I love it! It showcases that despite our upbringing we all have layers we can relate to in one another. All in all Princess Nokia is hip-hop. “Receipts” is her letting you know she’s not hiding behind any gimmicks. It’s all about the craftsmanship. “G.O.A.T.” is just that. It’s her greatest song up to date!

On 1992 Deluxe, Princess Nokia proves her longevity, and sets the bar for new artists who are all about the music. I’m already looking forward to her future releases. Her respect for the art only tells me that she’s here to stay.


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Princess Nokia: 1992 Deluxe