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Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

The Night Herons: Relevant Noise

The Night Herons
Relevant Noise

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The Night Herons—Dana Berry, Mike Assenzio, and  Larry Huene—present their new 15-song album,  Relevant Noise. Opening with the flangy, semi-punk sardonic read of “Compromise,” (the lyrics on this one and throughout are great) into “Fighters & Lovers,” with its  power chord groove (the bass cooks on this one) again reveals the neat vocal sounds of Dana Berry.

“Wildfires,” slows things down a bit with great bass lines and some spot-on harmonies and tom-tom work. The low moan bass sounds, atmospheric guitar, and breathy female backing vocals of “Let Me In,” provides another respite from the rockin’ (at least in the song’s verses), showing off the fact that the Herons can manage sly production when they want to. The “ooh’s” are especially effective in this concoction.

“2×2” brings tom beats, low menace, and kind of a 60’s swinging psychedelia vibe. “Stay Awake,” mines more of the psychedelia but is not as fun, in fact it’s kinda of menacing. It’s very Doors-like and presents the simple side of the production here.

Their second to last tune, “10,000 Women,” is just perfect, poppy, with a sardonic lyric and the band firing on all pistons around the power chords, heavy drums and nearly sing-able choruses.

The Night Herons’ Relevant Noise is indeed very relevant, smart, and will get you coming back to the album again and again.

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The Night Herons: Relevant Noise