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Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Annie Lennox: Songs Of Mass Destruction

Annie Lennox
Songs of Mass Destruction
(RCA Records)

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Annie Lennox’s new album,  Songs Of Mass Destruction opens with the slow simple lament of “Dark Road,” the lady’s ability to break your heart with her singularly expressive pipes is evident from the get go on this release.

Next we get the jumpy, sexy “Love Is Blind.” It’s important to note that the spectacular backing and harmony vocals you hear through these 11 tunes are pretty much all Lennox, and on this tune she pushes herself along perfectly on the kinetic vocal melange bouncing off the piano. “Ghosts in My Machine” gives us pretty much the same vibe, though it is certainly working a more gospel-like vein: piano-led, wonderful backing vocals, and fast vocal delivery.

Wow! Lennox reaches sailing heights on her pronouncements over glass “plings,” plucked strings and weird beat on one of the highlights here, “Through the Glass Darkly.” Again, those layered backing vocals give you goosebumps. But then Ms. Lennox ups her game on another mainly piano/backing vocal call to could-be-any hero, on the killer track, “Lost.”

“Colored Bed” is mining Eurythmics terriroty with is flittering keys and groove, while the equally groovy, obvious big commercial cut, “Sing,” offers a collaboration between Lennox and 23 other prominent female acts.  Madonna, Dido, Fergie k.d. lang, Pink, and many more lend their voices to a piano dance track, overly-obvious anthem created for the charity, Treatment Action Campaign.

You’re not getting through an Annie Lennox album with a simple passing first listen. There’s lots to her productions, songwriting, and delivery.  So sit back, relax, and use your brain a little bit (it’ll be good for you to use your brain for a change) and give Songs Of Mass Destruction a spin.

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Annie Lennox: Songs Of Mass Destruction