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Published On: Thu, Jan 4th, 2018

#MeToo Makes Me #TooBlue

It’s been a tough few months for those of us sporting a penis. #MeToo has pretty much taken over the cultural firmament. While nobody can deny the abuses happening-though they need to be proven before simply accepted as fact, no?-and this ‘interplay’ between hetero’s has been happening for many a year/decade/century/all throughout the evolution of the naked ape, I agree education and protection are surely needed to bolster us all against assault of any nature. But the minute you pause, say ‘but,’ cock your head to the side, even consider a slightly different or divergent pov-and dare you have a penis when you offer a moment of consideration-man, the shin do hit the old fit.

Take the case of Matt Damon, who offered this bon mot recently (among others) when speaking on ABC’s Popcorn With Peter Travers: “There’s a difference between…patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right?”

Yes, um, there is a difference. But one shan’t see the difference, or any validity in reasoned discussion, critique even, when one insists that a party-line stance and tweet-defined rhetoric must be maintained at all times. And that any opinion, even slightly to the side of that party line is not just absolute repudiation of ‘the cause,’ but punishable.

Ever since Matt Damon’s statement, there has been a movement to get him pulled from the upcoming Ocean’s 8 film. I guess the powers-that-bark figure if Kevin Spacey could be excised from All the Money in the World in record time (for Spacey’s supposed assaults), that Damon can be as well, for his words. And regardless of how you weigh in on the Spacey plucking (a different column for a different time, me thinks) are we really equating assault with words? In fact, and I know this is a repellent idea to some, but living in a free society, as we seem to be, one-and that’s anyone, cuddly Neo-Nazi’s, Matt Damon, yours truly-is still able to express one’s opinion. And in fact, that opinion, no matter what it is and how much you might not agree with it or how much it might anger you, is in fact, just as valid as yours. I know, it’s a hard concept to swallow, right? That somebody who thinks differently than you has as much right to their opinion as you and that, possibly, they could be ‘right’ in the way they see the world? Yes, another person’s politics might make you sick, you maybe be able to personally offer why it is that one religion is worse than another, but I dare say, nobody’s opinion or belief is inherently objectively wrong. It can’t be, it’s just an opinion. Wrong for you, oh certainly, but that’s as far as you can take it.

Following from this idea that all opinion is equally valid (yes, even those cuddly Neo Nazi’s or a dyed-in-the-wool misogynists has something worthwhile to say or believe) then in order to continue to be the evolved apes we like to think we are, considerate and liberal in thought and deed, inclusive, freedom-fighters, we need to allow Matt his opinion, speech, until he yells movie in a crowded firehouse, or something like that. We can’t ask for the man’s livelihood to be truncated because he offers a differing of opinion or says something you don’t like, can we?

Another wrinkle in the ‘this-is-just-not-appropriate-because-a-few-loudmouths-said-so’ was when (again just recently) Jimmy Choo pulled an ad that showed super model Cara Delevingne strutting her considerable bouncy stuff down a street, as she walked amongst catcalls about those Jimmy Choo shoes she was wearing. In the current climate of what is and is not allowed between hetero’s (what is and not allowed again determined by a specific vocal few) this commercial was deemed offensive and pulled off of Youtube. But like Matt’s comment, political cartoons, Mark Twain satirical broadsides 1.) just cause you think it is offensive doesn’t mean it is to me 2.) catcalling, while repellent to some, is not illegal.

I don’t have the answer to what is wrong or right; I barely know what’s right or wrong for me on a daily basis. I do know though, that swiping across assumptions with a broad brush, even if you are convinced your cause is righteous, will stop anyone, after too soon a time, from offering a difference of opinion, simply because they will assume you just ain’t listening. And in this time of #MeToo, not listening, assuming, or labeling me guilty simply from association, makes me #TooBlue. Hey, have a happy and health 2018 my little droogs.

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#MeToo Makes Me #TooBlue