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Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

THE SEX FILES: Keeping My Eyes on Ms. Ava At Her Parlor

There is just so much visual naughtiness to avail ourselves of these days. I know you’ve never stepped round Clips4Sale or engaged a pro cam lady or man, and God knows you don’t have any long-form porn downloaded to your phone or any DVD’s or even VCR tapes (Google ‘VCR tapes’ if you don’t know what I mean) gathering dust. But take it from me, if you want to catch some moving visual interplay of a salacious nature, and don’t just want to plug in your latest V.R. unit, there’s plenty of places you can go.

I happened to get a peek into some for real, shooting-right-in-front-of-me promo video and still-picture-taking of salacious content at Ms. Ava’s Parlor down in the much warmer climes of Florida over the weekend. You will remember the sexy, smart, all-but-perfect Ms. Ava when I interviewed her here a few months back (see here). She’s a lady who caters to crossdressers, sissies, and males who enjoy exploring various femme and bi fantasies. Gathering some talented and kinky people round to her place (and me to report on it) this past Sunday afternoon, Ms. Ava was attempting to get good pics and vids showing a little of what she does for us as promotional materials.

I am an old hand at model shoots. I worked for a long time as the Uber-Luber, assistant for the magazine/website where I am still editor-in-chief, Von Gutenberg. At our shoots I lubed bodies and latex when it was on the bodies of our models (yes, a veritable ‘tough job but somebody has got to do it’) and saw firsthand–lubed and shiny hands, that is—how much hard work goes into these kinds of long days; photographer, crew, and talent work their asses off. Luckily, across the board in my experience—albeit only ever working for one photographer at one studio—things always went smoothly. What I witnessed at Ms. Ava’s Sunday, a video and stills shoot, also flowed along like gangbusters.

And in the case here, Ms. Ava had quite a few participants in her action.

There were the two tall, sexily clad crossdressers, Samantha and Nikki. Both sporting impossibly shapely legs and were wearing fetish boots, mini-skirts, hose, G-strings and stockings, among them; I am resolutely hetero, but I can say these guys made very sexy girls. Ms. Ava was in there, showing off the magnificent body she sports, then there was the photographer/videographer Rick with his lovely busty blonde wife, Brenda, who as much shot the action as lent a hand when needed…such accommodating folks that they are. Rick is a man of many talents; he’s also a lifestyle talk show host and owner of Swing Lifestyle Radio (SLS Radio) and hosts live broadcasts at lifestyle clubs and resorts. He’s been a swinger for about 15 years and in radio for over 22.

First, for video coverage, Rick mounted a camera in a high corner of the parlor. He was also walking around with a nifty new handheld apparatus to shoot the action close up with another camera. His wife managed stills in and out of the action herself. Most of the scenes were centered around Ms. Ava’s formidable-looking spanking bench and what would happen to Samantha or other lucky participants when they got across it. Quite often there were three people in the mix, which Ms. Ava handled deftly with good humor and grace (and complete comfortableness of her subs, even when they were doing stuff that wasn’t so comfortable); otherwise, action like what I witnessed at Ms. Ava’s Parlor could have come across as chaotic, not hot for the moment or the camera.

Ms. Ava picked a good bunch of friends to help her here, all very much into the scene of dominating men dressed as women (for the most part) and all that you can imagine that would entail.

Speaking to the very good working solidarity of this particular group was their handling of a last-minute scheduling snafu. The cameras were ready, everyone was dressed, and Ms. Ava was touching up the makeup on Samantha’s pretty face when her phone rang… a reminder that a domme friend and her client would arrive at the parlor in 30 minutes for a playdate. Apparently Ms. Ava had green-lighted the request while distracted by the sweet ministrations of a special personal pet, P1, but forgot to add it to the parlor schedule. We all skedaddled but quick, in a semi-Keystone Cops silent movie fashion, Ms. Ava wiggling into the longest T she could find to cover herself, while flipping off her sky-high heels. If it’s not a good time—which this was already—it’s a good story, which I got to tell you now. We all piled into Samantha’s work van and scrambled over to Ava’s home for some pizza, where we got to know one another all the better (and I got to enjoy more of the warm weather), and then we reconvened an hour and half later for the shoot I described above.

Find Ms. Ava’s Parlor here:

and Rick’s SLS Radio station here:

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THE SEX FILES: Keeping My Eyes on Ms. Ava At Her Parlor