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Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2018

Tamar Braxton: Bluebird of Happiness

Tamar Braxton
Bluebird of Happiness
(Tamartian Land)

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Tamar Braxton (a.k.a Tamar Herbert) is a true R&B singer. If you haven’t heard the name, I’ll gladly introduce you. Sister of the legendary Toni Braxton, one of the most memorable artists of the 90s with hits like “Unbreak My Heart” and “He Wasn’t Man Enough,” it’s been a long road for Tamar to say the least, and she’s earned everything she’s accomplished. After years of singing background vocals for her big sister and co-staring on the reality TV series “Braxton Family Values,” she released her first album in 13 years, Love and War, which spent 9 weeks on #1 Adult R&B songs chart as well as #1 on iTunes U.S. In the midst of releasing music , she went on to star in her own TV series with her husband/manager.

In April 2017 she released her first single,  “My Man”(inspired by her personal experiences with her parents’ divorce) off of Bluebird of Happiness. The song reached number 3 on the R&B Adult Charts and was well received by fans. I’ll admit I’m no die hard fan, but I’ve heard the hits and danced and sung along too.

Bluebird of Happiness has a good balance. There are both fun moments and really sad ones along the way. “Run Run” was definitely the fun side, and samples a Reggae classic, Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam,” which has club spin potential. “Hol Up” (featuring Yo Gotti) feels like a “Hot Sugar,” which was a favorite of mine released on Love and War. It makes me want to put on my newest dress and hit the town.

“Blind” is a classic ballad. It has a Motown feel and Braxton is vocally giving her very best.”Empty boxes” is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard in awhile. It actually took some time to listen through.”Pick Me Up” an uptempo tune, does just that. It also samples “Love Come Down” an R&B hit sung by Evelyn “Champange” King. “Wanna Love You Boy” has a flirty beat and sound, but it’s actually telling a story of what many women experience in relationships. Listen closely. Tamar has grown as a person, and it’s reflected in her music and artistry. She’s choosing to be more transparent, and if you’re really listening to the lyrics you’ll hear it. Good music not only reflects the times, but our personal moments and growth, at least it should.

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Tamar Braxton: Bluebird of Happiness