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Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

Staring Into Nothing: Power

Staring Into Nothing
(Antares Records)

Beginning their new 10-song Power collection with “Puritans,” a dramatic piano vocal piece, that turns into a messy jam near its end, the trio Staring Into Nothing pretty much grabs the listener right away with their deep, lush production. This along with the band’s commercial prog noodlings keeps up the attack throughout.

Here we have Steve Rogers kind of leading the parade with this piano/keyboards, and Al Stewart/Mike Scott-sounding lead vocals, with Savannah Rogers singing lead as well as backgrounds (and playing sweeping lines on her guitar), plus Kurt Barabas managing bass and guitars.

This band is better than most at this layering of commercial singalongs mixed with spacey jamming. The second tune, “School Daze,” with a real melody to hang your hat on in the chorus, is even a better example of what these three can get up to.

I really like the piano and halting snare on what might be Roger’s most dramatic vocals (talking almost as much as singing) on “Information Crime.” When this band slows down they truly do pick their moments, and this is the best example of their subtly.

“Freedom,” is led by additional musician and drummer, Matt Chamberlain and Barabas’ growly bass, a slightly punky read. Power ends just as powerfully as it began with a vocal harmony opening to an almost U2-sounding track, “The Gates Of Hell.”

Helped along by additional musicians, the aforementioned Chamberlain, David Levita playing guitars, Jamie Muhoberac on keys, and both Pop Levi and Andrea Meli on backing vocals, we get some very solid stuff indeed on Staring Into Nothing’s Power.


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Staring Into Nothing: Power