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Published On: Tue, Apr 3rd, 2018

Guordan Banks: Unpopular

Guordan Banks
(Bank on it Entertainment)

Music is in a really good place, a really really good place, but for many classic R&B is a debatable topic. Some say it died, some only classify 90s R&B as pure R&B, claiming that rise of Auto-Tune killed it. That last part I personally don’t believe, but I can see how many could be led to think that.

The truth is , it just became unpopular. Rappers started singing more and using singers less. Singers started singing less and rapping more and things got misconstrued. This conversation could go on for days, but it leads me to my topic, artist Guordan Banks.  The Philadelphia Native is a true R&B Singer. He began singing at age 5, and comes from a family full of singers. Before releasing his own music, he wrote for popular artists such as Keyshia Cole and John Legend, and even worked with hip-hop star 50 Cent! Although he is an independent artist, he has achieved notable success.

In 2016 his Hit-Boy produced single “Keep You In Mind” rose to the top of the Adult R&B charts. If you’re a Meek Mill fan you may also remember him on “Heaven and Hell” (also featuring Jadakiss). Banks has a keen way of delivering songs about pain (noted by Meek Mill himself). Banks named his new album Unpopular, and I believe I know why. The album is mainly mid-tempo music in a time where popular culture primarily prizes the fast-paced as well as trap beats. That’s gusty,and it’s a blatant example of going against the grain. It’s sexy, cruise music, and even inspirational.

“Wanna be Yours” was my first choice, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The production is sexy and mature, but has lyrical swag and sounds like a perfect by the fireplace tune.

“Feel Away” is the second runner up. Banks’ whispers ride the beat compatibly. As the song progress’s you begin to hear the pain in his voice. This song most definitely comes from personal experience, and it will make you feel a way. He conveys hurt in such a way that you feel it even when you don’t want to. Real talent has a way of  doing that. “Enough Pain” is one of my absolute favorites, it’s conversational but melodic and the production has a nostalgic vibe. It makes me think of The Cadillacs and Marvin Gaye. Banks has a way of blending the old with the new. He doesn’t want to be Popular  and I don’t blame him. There are still people who love and appreciate authentic R&B. Check out Unpopular if you do.

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Guordan Banks: Unpopular