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Published On: Wed, Apr 4th, 2018

Sango: In the Comfort of

In the Comfort of
(Last Gang Records)

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The album begins with “His Name.”  This strong intro makes it easy to appreciate the sonic glory of the gospel vocal samples before the track quickly flows into a classic Sango-style beat. “Life Without God is Nothing” is similar and has a hint of nostalgia.

“Mateo 2.19” brings us through more familiar territory with a mellow feel in both its rapped verses and instrumentals.

The aptly named “Dance for Blessings” is highly danceable, and stands out for its bizarre and experimental sound that somehow works seamlessly with driving, elaborate, ceaseless beats. Meanwhile “Speak” is sure to speak to you regardless of religion, with its resonant sub bass and synths. The religious lyrics are even admirable especially considering the lyrical content of most current popular songs.

In contrast is “Light-Skinned” (featuring midnight). The beats are still pretty mellow, but the lyrics are political, direct, and poignant.

Like all of Sango’s previous work this album has incredible features from the likes of frequent collaborators Xavier Omar and JMSN, Jesse Boykins, and more. The instrumentals range from chill, soothing, late night sounds to room-filling beats that bang.

Even the most casual Sango fans are aware of his Brazilian influences (in terms of culture, language, and music). It’s this mixed with smooth R&B that helps to create the intricate beats that characterize In the Comfort Of.

It’s all around powerful album. In the Comfort Of is perfect for any seasoned Sango fans and a decent intro for those interested in his music.

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Sango: In the Comfort of