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Published On: Thu, May 3rd, 2018

THE SEX FILES: New Stuff From Girlsway

At Girlsway it is strictly not dick-ly as ladies make naughty fun with one another. Duo’s, threesomes, older ladies with younger, casts of only young phillies; you name it, they got it. Here are three films of the bunch that were released across the website’s portal in April. To be sure, there’s a whole bunch coming this month, as there are always new films added all the time. Let me tell you about three of these latest though, you are sure to pant over:

Now, who doesn’t love cheerleaders? In School’s Out: Three Cheers, Alison Rey, Maya Kendrick and Lana Rhoades are seen in the opening, working slow-mo. through a bunch of cheer routines. In their red shorts and crop tops, the young women look so adorable, but the viewer can’t help wondering when the trio will get naked…which they do soon enough. Finished with practicing, the ladies move to Alison’s house to “study.” When Lana jumps in the shower for a quick rinse off, Alison and Maya plan a seduction of their friend. Grabbing Lana out of the bathroom, as she complains that she doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, Maya and Alison manage some very convincing convincing. Imagine the dewy mathematical possibilities of three nubile young women intertwined on a bed, two dominating one (who seems to love the seduction every step of the way and then leads after a while) and you can imagine the fun you will find with the ripe and randy cheerleaders of School’s Out: Three Cheers.

More seduction ensues in Teach Me Mommy: The Family Recipe. Cherie De Ville is spending the day with her stepdaughter, Emma Hix. And although Emma is thrilled be getting her stepmom alone, she is dejected when Cherie is on the phone with clients so much. Quick to notice her stepdaughter feeling left out, Cherie asks Emma what is it that the young girl really wants to do. You can guess the rest.

This one is especially fun as it reveals a younger woman seducing an older. As with School’s Out: Three Cheers, the action here, albeit between only two women in this film, is spectacular. What one should make note of in all three of these films, is that the ladies don’t introduce any toys into their play, but boy do they seem to have a good time just with fingers, tongues and one another’s bodies.

Serena On Call opens with Alison Rey in bed complaining over the phone to her boyfriend that he simply won’t go down on her. Somewhere in the conversation he actually accuses her of being a lesbian, just because she wants this particular sexual pleasure and she hangs up…then looks online for a lesbian escort and calls Serena Blair.

Yes, Alison is nervous, but when Serena shows up, and leads Alison into the bedroom, we realize why you should always call in a professional for the really tough jobs you can’t do yourself. Out of the three films I review here, this one was the hottest to me, although all of them are fantastic really, with beautiful ladies who seem very into the action.

Serena On Call even ends with some very hot and heavy tribiadism (another word for ‘scissoring’…don’t worry, I didn’t know what tribiadism was either).

So, go on out and check the fare at: You will be mighty glad you did.

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THE SEX FILES: New Stuff From Girlsway