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Published On: Tue, Jun 19th, 2018

Spragga Benz: Chiliagon

Spragga Benz
(Kudos Records)

Caribbean legend Spragga Benz presents a twelve-song album Chiliagon, collaborating with a wide array of artists, all legendary in their own right.

The jumpy, slightly silly and sparse “Spread Out,” the first single for this collection features a Dancehall/Dandiya vibe that’s infectious. While the next tune, “If Ya Ready,” features plucky keys and spacey video game sounds. When Spragga Benz kicks up the beat about halfway through his rapping gets nutty fast and fun.

“Differ,” early on here, has got a real good low tom beat and solid quick rap, but not assaulting in its quickness; one of my faves as is the blubbery and subtle sway to “King On The Throne,” all male posturing in the lyrics, of which Benze manages well with his tongue placed firmly in his cheek.

“Red Eye” is pure Reggae and again Benz is having fun with the lyric, the backing female vocals on the chorus makes this another great single possibility. The horns and organ really add to the most realized production on Chiliagon; another great tune.

“Chiliagoning” as he says he was doing in the UK recently, Benz assembled a who’s who of British artists to work with him here. Rodney P, Harry Shotta, Doc Brown, Toddla T, Illaman, Killa P, and Black Josh along with productions from Zed Bias, Sukh Knight, Cadenza as well as of course Hype and Fever.

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Spragga Benz: Chiliagon