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Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

Jane in Space: Gorerunner

Jane in Space
(Aion Records)

The keyboard noodling of “Little Raurus” into the metallic hits of “Eat Your Face,” isn’t surprising to hear on an EP from a band that has worked with renowned “sound manipulator” Keith Hillebrandt (who has worked with Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie). Here on Gorerunner, we get lots of that NIN style meets Gary Numan from the NYC electronic/industrial duo Jane in Space.

The title track is big down-the-hallway stomps and dramatic key sweeps, with weird single note flute-like keys layered in, probably the most interesting tune here, though it could have remained an instrumental. I was interested in seeing where the instruments might have built to. And the clinky percussion arpeggio of “In The Vines,” ends the half dozen here. Again Vickers mines some Gary Numan vocalizing, but the beat keeps things moving and once again these guys know well how to layer their sounds and keys.

Bassist Josh Stillman sneaks his talent into what multi-instrumentalist/producer Jesse Jensen manages and vocalist Tom Vickers sings/talks over. Adding live drummer Brian Korpalski, into the mix Jane in Space are poised to bring all these new scary sounds of Gorerunner to the masses. Certainly this music is of a certain sound, stuff one either likes or dimisses (or just dances to) but Jane in Space does this well and this is a tight little EP.

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Jane in Space: Gorerunner