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Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

American Amnesia: Yet Here We Are

American Amnesia
Yet Here We Are

American Amnesia was born two years ago at Oliver Wolcott High School in Torrington, Connecticut, the result of the meeting and jam sessions between singer/songwriter/guitarist Patrick Nemaizer and drummer/vocalist Sam Cesnak. Gus Pac is thrown into the mix here playing bass. What you get on Yet Here We Are are well-crafted pro-punk, heavy metal, rock tunes, that at times hit all of those genres as much as they fly off on their own.

The blistering fast “Time,” opens, a singable, heavy snap and drive, with a jumpy almost 60s Grand Funk good time-y  feel. “The One,” follows with some great moments from Cesnak drumming in the breaks and throughout proving what a great drummer he is.
Once again Cesnak wails, but the riffing from Nemaizer especially works on “How Come?” This, for me, is the first real rock (not punk) tune on Yet Here We Are.  With “Richest Poor Man,” following, (this one has Nemaizer playing a very well placed slide and fantastic lead later on) these two tunes create a very strong centerpiece to the eleven songs here. Once again we get Nemaizer wailing on a very heavy (I’d venture to say ‘heavy metal’) “No Doors,’ another one where these guys know how to milk a riff for all its worth.

I dig the energy, simple yet effective rock songwriting and the talents this trio is bringing with their debut, Yet Here We Are. Good stuff indeed.

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American Amnesia: Yet Here We Are