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Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

Starlet: Take a Chance on Love

Take a Chance on Love

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I am a music connoisseur and always ranting to my friends about checking out new artists and giving them a chance and here I go procrastinating. I’m embarrassed to even say how long. Instead of crying over spilled milk lets get to it. Starlet from first listen sounds like a Gospel artist. I honestly think that’s where the disconnect began for me personally. I’ll just say, some music has to grow on you. Let’s be clear, that’s not a bad thing.

One more thing I will add is that I chose an indie artist particularly because I want to help spread awareness on artists who don’t have large platforms. Well, let’s not waste any more time.  One requirement of being a efficient Blogger is to have factual stats on the Artist, but unfortunately that was difficult to find in this case. I’m not sure if Starlet Windham (found a last name) had a name change or is just a very new artist, but I was unable to find any back information on her. If I had to guess, she grew up in the church, I can distinctively hear Gospel in her undertones and musical approach.

Although this is an R&B album, I can honestly say I’m curious to hear her on a Gospel project. Take a Chance on Love is a complete project but the obvious presence of Gospel driven melody and cadence only made me think of her voice on some of my favorite spirit-filled songs. I specifically felt that on “Free,” a song that borders on Contemporary Gospel, which isn’t a bad thing, I just don’t think it was the intention. “No Matter What” is the one song where this is acknowledged and I kind of wish she had more songs like it (it’s one of my favorites). “It Ain’t the Same” is a cool, very standard R&B record, but again her more inspiring songs resonate with me more. “Loving Myself” is also nice, and conceptually refreshing in an era where self-love isn’t spoken or sung about enough. Startlet if you read this , please give me more inspirational songs. You’re good at it and will inspire and touch many more if you do. Trust me.

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Starlet: Take a Chance on Love