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Published On: Fri, Sep 7th, 2018

My Autumn Amor: Letter To Brie

My Autumn Amor
Letter to Brie
(My Autumn Amor)

An overdriven but certainly distinctive, a simple guitar line and drums slip under Thomas Monroe’s powerful vocal on the almost Beatle-esque opener, “Gabrielle” of My Autumn Amor’s, Letter To Brie.

“Bright Side” flips with a solid snare and again that overdriven single note guitar line. “In A Scene,” the best for me here, presents a jumpy beat and power chords pushing Monroe along in the verses, until he gets into the Cheap Trick-like chorus. It’s a really cool tune with lots of variation within its proto-punk pop structure.

“Sweetest,” gets back to a snare sound found a few times throughout Letter To Brie. Once again, a singe note guitar melody follows the vocals. It’s pretty much like most of the other tunes here; still it works.

“Come Over,” is unlike any of the others here, which makes it just on that fact alone, another of my favorites. First of all, Monroe is more sexual and subtly aggressive than he is anywhere else here. And there is a danger to this one that works great with the tight sounding guitars. We get into a singable chorus, but for me it’s those naughty dangerous verses that drive this one; an organ is mixed into the soup as well, rounding it all out.

Basically what we have here is the solo vehicle for Californian singer/ songwriter, Thomas Monroe. And one certainly gets his singular voice loud and clear on the poppy rock tunes of My Autumn Amor’s, Letter To Brie.

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My Autumn Amor: Letter To Brie