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Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Nick Mason & Rick Fenn: Profiles [Remastered]

Nick Mason & Rick Fenn
Profiles [Remastered]
(Parlophone UK)

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The re-release of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and his partner ex-10cc guitarist Rick Fenn’s 1985 album is here on Profiles [Remastered].

“Malta,” with its weird flicking high synth notes and Mason’s laconic snare opens floats about for around six minutes, not truly going anywhere, while the second tune, “Lie for a Lie” sees Mason’s co-Floyder, David Gilmour, singing lead in a tuned woody percussion-backed snappy mover, obviously the album’s single. Things get a little-light-in-the-loafers for me by the time the chorus hits, but it’s a nice tune.

There’s two parts to the title track, the first “Profiles Part 1/Profiles Part 2” ending the first side of the original album, a good rockin’ instrumental, truly showcasing Fenn’s guitar and keyboard playing. At over ten minutes we get confectionary-sounding high keys middle leading that slows the rocking down, taking us all the way out with layering key leads.

“Zip Code,” and “Black Ice,” really pick up the pace, the first with swishing, almost video game-synth sounds and high-end bass, and the second really rocking with heavy hitting snare, trilling organs, and Fenn wailing high. He trades off with stupendous sax playing by Mel Collins.

With a stellar cast of musicians here, including the aforementioned Gilmour and top reed man Collins, Maggie Reilly singing, one can’t lose hearing this album again or grabbing it for the first time to complete your collection.

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Nick Mason & Rick Fenn: Profiles [Remastered]