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Published On: Fri, Mar 29th, 2019

THE SEX FILES: We Talk with Natalie Wall of the “Awkward Sex… and the City” Podcast

Natalie Wall in sex shop (c) Damon Scheleur

Self-proclaimed ‘queer confidant’ Natalie Wall, is the host of the beloved touring show and now podcast Awkward Sex and the City. Natalie has truly heard and seen it all after listening to and interviewing both friends and strangers about their strangest sexual exploits over the years – and she’s created a space much safer than Loveline. She also makes a point of speaking with women and non-binary folks who identify as queer. Natalie’s podcast is a spinoff of her hit storytelling show that’s toured the country and charmed audiences nationwide. Each week for her listeners, Natalie gets extremely personal with a guest, with the result often as heartwarming as it is a celebration of the inherent weirdness of all we do to get ourselves and others off. I got a hold of this very busy lady to ask her about her views on sex, the world around us and her podcast.

In the atmosphere of icky oversharing that has infected the culture, how does one determine what stories need be told as opposed to those we should keep our mouths shut over. Or in your view, is everything fair game?
I don’t believe there is such a thing as icky oversharing. “Icky oversharing” is usually attached to very human and natural things that we and our bodies do: pooping, farting, sex, porn preferences, periods, breast feeding, the list could literally go on forever. There’s no reason anyone should be ashamed of these things, and I do not subscribe to said shaming. Which is part of where my general podcast host vibe comes in; I’m here for the ride, whatever ride you want to take me on, I’m going to make you feel safe, cause you are safe with me. I’ve been lucky enough to be the type of person that wears my faults and mistakes and natural bodily functions on my sleeve, and because of this I get to let people see the humor and power in their “icky” stories.

What do you think binary folks are getting wrong in their dealing or consideration of non-binary folks? (and vice versa?)
I don’t think this question can be boiled down to a single sentence or paragraph, there’s a lot going on, yah know? We need to relearn how we talk about sex, sexuality and gender. Gender is a construct, and because of that gender is WAYYYYY more complicated and complex than what genitals we were born with. A good place to start is to learn that there are more than two genders, simple as that. You aren’t just in group A or group B and that’s it forever. You can be, if that is what feels right to you! But you also don’t have to if that doesn’t feel right!. Also, gender is fluid and moves with you, it is more than just genitals. (I secretly love the word genitals, it makes me giggle every time.) And again, there is so much to discuss for this subject, so I’ll end on this, remember that gender is a very personal thing, no one owes you an answer on their personal journey with their own gender.

Has any of what you have heard ever prompted you to go out and try something new to your sexual experience (could you share what they might have been)?
Oh definitely! Awkward Sex… and the City has broadened my horizons on EVERYTHING sex related. Having so many people allowing you into their personal lives so public, you can’t help but learn and then want to experience. I tried anal cause of my show, tried new and different sex toys, watched different types of porn, you name it. It even broadened my own sexuality!

What do we all need to be doing to make our sex lives better?
This is simple: constant open communication with ourselves, our partners, and our bodies. They are all talking and we need to be actively listening. And if you don’t like something in bed, scream it from the rooftops, don’t feel like you have to grin and bear it just because your partner(s) into it. What is your body saying? Because that is the right answer.

I am sure you have heard that oft-quipped quip: “Man, everybody has a podcast these days.” How do you rise above the din? Is talking about sex enough to make the show interesting? How do you do what you do differently?

I always roll my eyes when people are judging people for doing things. Like, who cares if everyone has a podcast? Everyone does have a podcast! My boyfriend has a podcast (Hell In A Cellphone!)!!! It’s not about rising to the top, it’s about making quality content that you love and want to share with the world. So sure sex sells, but that is what I’ve been talking about all my life, sex is what I care about. And there is definitely an audience for a podcast where a woman lets others openly talk about their sex lives, that’s like, a rule of physics.

What’s coming for you in the future?
More sex. More day-jobbing. And more episodes of Awkward Sex… and the City!

Find Natalie and the Awkward Sex… and the City podcast here:

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THE SEX FILES: We Talk with Natalie Wall of the “Awkward Sex… and the City” Podcast