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Published On: Fri, Apr 5th, 2019

THE SEX FILES: Severe Films Goes Grey: “Ms. Grey” and “Ms. Grey: Darker” Movie Review

Generally, I like the grey areas of life; ambiguous flirty talk or looks, the ‘might she/will see’ bedroom conundrums…pretty much as I like the grey areas in my porn. Severe Films present two fantastic ‘grey’ films (ok, I am a bit silly here I know) with their Ms. Grey and Ms. Grey: Darker DVDs.

Paying homage to the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, here we get Lily Cade (Cade and Dee Severe dual directed both movies) and Dolly Leigh, playing “Ms. Grey” and “Annabelle” respectively. And pretty much in the first film, it is this dynamic pair who give us the most action.

Following the E. L. James’ story, there is the requisite meeting between the two lovers, the slow introduction of what exactly Ms. Grey is about and what she expects (the infamous slave contract discussed and digested), then Leigh loses her submissive cherry, as it were, in the first sex scene between the two principals, in the bath. It’s a slow hot coming together for sure, starting with Cade leading the kissing and fondling, then her tying up and blindfolding Leigh, some good solid wet booty spanking (with Leigh really letting go with mewing/moaning) and even a little thigh caning.

Aficionados of this kind of fun will be happy that there comes a very long OTK (over-the-knee) spanking next where Ms. Grey stays dressed in her suit placing Annabelle across her lap, and slowly baring her bottom’s bottom from under her short dress. Later Leigh is tied to a massage table, where we see and feel the first use of a flogger and lastly for the scene, Cade strapping-on, much to Leigh’s fear and delight.

That grey area (sorry I couldn’t help myself) of monogamy comes up between the two ladies next. Cade’s Grey smiles and agrees to call a friend in for the closing scene. Again Cade takes the lead with first flogging Leigh and their partner over the side of her bed. Then it’s pretty much a free for all, lots of spanking, oral and that familiar dildo strap-on being used to end the movie.

The second movie of this series, Ms. Grey: Darker pretty much is…darker. We are deep into the story of Annabelle and Ms. Grey (which Leigh admits to in an opening scene pillow fight/sex scene with her friend). Although in this movie Annabelle asks to be taken out of her slave contract the action stays hot and heavy, but the real naughty S&M stuff comes when Ms. Grey’s old lover tries to come between her and Annabelle. Cade drags Charlotte Sartre into a bathroom to enact some very serious revenge indeed. We get face and breast slapping (and ass spanking of course) Sartre held under the bath (while being fingered) pushed face down in the toilet, deep strap-on dildoing and lots of other degradations…again much more intense stuff than the first film.
What’s especially fun here is that Cade gets it in the end, literally as well as figuratively). She is dominated, flogged, spanked, cropped and dildoed (and a huge dildo is used on her) as she bottoms for what she admits is the first time. The sweet surrender evidenced in her face is priceless.

I like the casting as well as the action here, especially Lily Cade and Dolly Leigh. Both movies are hot, move quick and the second does present some intense stuff. I will review more output from Severe Films in the upcoming months, but for now, check out these two movies here.

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THE SEX FILES: Severe Films Goes Grey: “Ms. Grey” and “Ms. Grey: Darker” Movie Review