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Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2019

Benny Bassett: Words for Yesterday

Benny Bassett
Words for Yesterday
(Benny Bassett)

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Acoustic rocker Benny Bassett’s second EP, Words for Yesterday, opens with the mid-tempo richly produced “Window to Forever.” It’s obvious the listener could easily be taken by the melody and Bassett’s fine voice, float right by the salient lyric this man mines on this opening tune of poignant apology.

From the get-go, one realizes they are in the hands of a solid songwriter here.

I love the change-up of floating acoustic stuff into the rock stomp of “Down Below.” This chunks along, again with Bassett truly delivering a lyric with meaning and adding some cool “ooh’s” behind the rockin’ production and singable chorus. This great tune here has Chip Johnson adding just the right amount of noisy lead.

“Find A Way,” following, showcases Kit Karlson’s organ into a nice white-funk.

“From You,” is another change (that’s a lot of style changes within just five tunes!). It slightly skirts ambient atmosphere, again with a lyric that you really need to listen to. The addition of the instruments in this tight little piece speaks to a wonderful production (and just the right amount of Karlson’s piano, and acoustic guitar) really moves the production along. This marks my favorite tune on Words for Yesterday.

I need mention Bassett’s drummer, Travis McNabb, who has a solid hold on these six, he plays exactly what is required through all the subtle style changes. Words for Yesterday is an excellent piece of work for a master songwriter storyteller.

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Benny Bassett: Words for Yesterday