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Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2019

What you need to know about Lotto 4d results on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

If you go through the Lotto 4d results on pools like 4dinsingapore, you will notice that the results are segmented by days. Usually, there are results for Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Is there any difference between them? Is playing on certain days more advantageous than others? To help you play from a point of knowledge, here is what you need to know about lotto 4d results on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The probability of winning is the same

It does not matter whether you are playing on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, the probability of winning is the same. In essence, when looking to craft a winning strategy, develop one that applies on all playing days. If your strategy is right, you are likely to win irrespective of the day that you play.

There are consolation prizes on all 3 days

When playing lotto 4d on platforms like 4dinsingapore, there are consolation prizes one gets. These prizes are available on all 3 playing days. As such, you shouldn’t stress about the day that you are playing. Whichever day you choose, you have a good chance of winning these prizes.

With this knowledge in mind, you need to focus your energies on crafting strategies of winning, irrespective of the day. To help you win, here are some of the strategies you can employ and significantly increase your odds of winning.

a) Buy/build an analytical bot

Playing lotto 4d is all about math. It is about trying to predict how numbers are likely to repeat in the future. With the help of an analytical bot that runs through past winnings data, you can predict potential winning figures with a high degree of accuracy. The bot will not guarantee you a win, but your chances of winning are much higher than when playing blind, and hoping to get lucky. 

b) Do the math manually 

While using a bot can give you pretty reliable predictions, it is not the cheapest option. Besides, gambling is not an income-generating activity. It is supposed to be a fun activity to enjoy with friends. As such, the best way to do it is to go for an option that does not involve spending money on analysis. One such option is to do mathematical analysis manually. Using past winnings data, one can employ math concepts such as probability and statistics to try and predict the numbers that could win in the future. A math concept like factorials can give you the possible number of combinations of a particular set of numbers. 

c) Play when it’s best to engage with friends

Now that you know that the odds are the same on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, the next step is to choose a day that is most convenient for you and your friends to play. If most of your friends are usually free on weekends, then playing on Saturdays and Sundays would be the best option. On the other hand, if you all have flexible work hours, then you can choose to play on Wednesday. The goal should be to have fun, while making some money from lotto 4d.

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What you need to know about Lotto 4d results on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday