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Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2019

Eric George: Where I Start

Eric George
Where I Start
(Records DK2)

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A single electric guitar line with a clip-clopping rimshot-sounding backing beat, plus some sweet harmonies from Addie Herbert, start us on our way into Eric George’s Where I Start. This Vermont-based songwriter, performer, and sound engineer presents a sly folky rock collection of 11 tracks.

Things get a little dirtier on the second tune, “Silence Hides,” slide slipping in with a second jangly lead guitar placed perfectly. A banjo pluck leads us through the country slip shot of “House of Stone.” This one might overstay its welcome slightly (a little banjo goes a long way if all one has is mainly banjo) but it’s a cool tune and showcases what is obviously George’s dexterity round a bunch of instruments.

“Shades of Everything,” is informed by a simple slightly raggy sounding (a good thing to be sure) player piano. This is one of the best here for me. It’s a pop-y little mover, again employing some wonderful harmonies and sweet piano melody lines, plus Daisy Castro’s violin.

“What Hold the Bone,” has a quick pickup to it, George singing his heart out, harmonica coming in over what could be sitar or banjo (or both); as jaunty a folk tune as any on Where I Start. “Heart of the Matter is a torchy blues tune. There’s a single bending note lead, drums, harmonies, and George both sweet and tough in his vocals about where love can lead. That single note lead really makes this one of my favorites.

“Do You Hear It,” ends Where I Start. Kat Wright doubles the vocals while Castro again provides violin in this heavy strummed pure folk tune.

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Eric George: Where I Start