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Published On: Thu, Jan 16th, 2020

THE SEX FILES: Interview With A Size Queen

Photo Credit: Nici

Everywhere I seem to turn these days, there is some amazingly sexy cam girl, Clips4Sale cutie, adult star finding a niche and making her way through it to rabid fandom. I stumbled across Nici just recently, a stunning 24-year-old starlet from Austria who has a certain love and talent for, well, ‘stretching.’ A lover and user of toys from the amazing toy site Organotoy (I’ll be putting up a piece about them in the near future), Nici told me she simply loves showing her viewers how dirty she can be. Here’s more to learn about the lovely size queen, Nici.

You got into the adult world three years ago not showing your face across tumblr, and just for fun. What made you decide to start monetizing and indeed showing your face…along with lots of others parts of you?

I saw that other people were able to make money with my copied content so I decided to do it myself.

In fact, what made you even start to go on tumblr those three years ago?

That’s easy…it gave me a big boost for my self-esteem.

You have a decided niche, the idea of ‘spreading,’ your specialty. How did you come to that or has this always been an interest of yours?

It was a natural progression. I have always loved to feel completely filled out and so I went bigger and bigger over the years.

In making custom-made content, has there ever been a request for something that you just thought ‘Oh no, that’s just too big for me!’

Never. Only that some wishes were just plain lame. Stuffing my puss with a 2-inch diameter dildo and shaking my ass is not what turns me on.

What’s your favorite toy to play with? And why?

That would be the XBIZ Awards-nominated Abradrachabra from Organotoy (see here: I love the shape, its high quality and the incredible amount of stimulation I get from it.

You listed in your bio that you have three years education as a gardener, did you ever work in that field?

Who says l don’t work in it right now?! (she laughs). I love it but I don’t do it full-time anymore. But I love plants, nature, flowers; being outside.

What’s coming for you in the future?

I can’t tell you but it will make a big impact.

Whatever Nici has coming I am sure it will stretch her popularity even further. You can find all about Nici at the following online portals:

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THE SEX FILES: Interview With A Size Queen