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Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2020

Tom Sless: California Dream

Tom Sless
California Dream
(Marina Vista Records)

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Six years ago, Jersey Shore-native Tom Sless moved to L.A., playing around the sunny city, honing his songwriting and playing with performing and schooling (and coming out just when this album did), he has now found his California Dream.

The anthemic-like piano (mostly) drive of the title track opens. A definite nod to Springsteen, by the big horns, harmony chorus ending (and some very uniquely placed drums), you get the point that here is a songwriter not to be deterred. “Taking Me Back” follows, delivering a good time, country-rockin’ vibe, a pedal steel riding its waves. As one often finds through the eight songs of California Dream, Sless has an insidious way (a good way, that is) of getting our feet tapping while he delivers lyrics of substance.

There is a laid back flippy-flicka guitar groove to “Ready To,” while a deeper rock snake-like organ and snare snap informs the slightly melancholy (and one of my faves here) “Why Oh Why.” We get another gem on the Darius Rucker-like “Coming Home,” then a real barn-burner in another great little rocker, “Gimmie the Breeze,” (one of Sless’s best vocals here, I feel).

The wonderful “Too Much On My Mind,” ends California Dream. Opening with an Poco-sounding harmony snippet, once again pedal steel flying across the concoction and chunky beat, Sless mines a real solid country ethos here. The electric guitars bend and slip (and jam), and he leads it all to what might be my favorite here. California Dream overall reveals some great playing and songwriting from Tom Sless.

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Tom Sless: California Dream