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Published On: Thu, Jul 9th, 2020

THE SEX FILES: New Adult Toys

The wonderful people from were kind enough to send over a pink “wand massager” and what they call their Linga: Pulse Wave Lasting Training Device (see the picture here).

The wand massager is a Hitachi, a device mostly everyone has either tried, seen, or at the very least, held in their hands. I always consider this vibe a ‘lady’s choice,’ toy, although plenty of men use it. Rends version is lighter than most but still damn powerful. As with all adult toys, liking a Hitachi, using it at all or just sometimes; one person not being able to live without it, while another puts it in their drawer after only trying it once, is up to individual taste and need.

The Linga? Well, there is a whole different sex ‘aide.’

I like to think that at my ripe old age I am ever so careful where I ‘put’ myself these days. But for you my gentle reader I march ever-forward to answer life’s biggest questions; mainly, how freaking powerful is this vibrator and would I notice the difference in the five vibrations it boasts?

Answer #1. Yeah, the thing is powerful! (Its also quite loud. You are not going to be able to get away using this under the covers undetected by your lover, parents or roommate).

Answer #2. Those vibrations are not so distinctive, but they are all ‘interesting’ to say the least.

With its flap-like underside opening, one ‘places’ themselves into what seems to be about an 8-inch durable plastic sleeve (don’t ask me to explain how I came up with that measurement…wink wink). The inside of the device has ridges and a little rounded area with even smaller gradations across it, these really rock once the thing gets moving. The other side of the device is made of a harder plastic, where the Linga’s on/off vibration-changing button is.

This toy, like so many others, offered these days, is charged by a USB cable.

I’m not sure how much ‘training’ one could manage with this…at least solo. If premature ejaculation is a problem, you might want someone ‘on hand’ to help regulate the vibrations or simply turn the damn thing off when blast-off is imminent. Then again, someone simply helping to hold you in the Linga while you sweat it out might be too arousing.

Proceed with caution, as much for your body as your mind.

I thank Bestvibe so much for sending over these devices, all the way clear across the world, especially now! Check-out the rest of their wonderful catalogue of naughty, high-end stuff and tell them I sent you.

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THE SEX FILES: New Adult Toys