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Published On: Fri, Jul 17th, 2020

THE SEX FILES: Four Sex Kinks For Quarantine Pleasure

Following up from that NYC Health Officials sex guidelines update from a few weeks ago I had time to consider some good old kinks (or at least one’s I’ve heard about, of course, I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of this stuff…wink wink) and how they might be especially applicable with us all wanting to keep our social distance. Not all I list below you and yours will want to try, while I am sure there are some things I mention you have done and do regularly or in your unique style. Granted, this is more a list is for those folks who might not have a steady partner/spouse/lover. For those in a monogamous relationship, I’m sure you know full well where your significant other has been and how possibly infectious they are or are not (and just for the record…I hope nobody reading this is infected with COVID-19).

Here’s my top four list (I wanted to be unique and offer four not five or ten) go forth as you wish…

Mutual Masturbation

Now this one, I am sure we have all tried a time or two. But in the current climate, we might not be able to get close enough to ‘lend a hand,’ as it were. Setting a six-foot space between yourself and your partner, you can still each ‘go at yourself’ while the other watches and does the same. One could tickle and touch while the other doesn’t, you can either try a race to the finish or a race to outlast one another or you can even scare up the same movie across, and both watch it, and yourselves, as you get off mutually. Of course, this is also the perfect opportunity to engage a toy or two in your play, so feel free. The main objective here is not to get close but to at least be in the same room.

Whipping and caning

This is for the true kink minded among you and only works if the cane or whip you are using can allow for a good social distance reach. But I highly caution on caning and whipping, so please be careful with this. Anytime anyone is using an instrument to strike a body part (and that part really should mostly be ass cheeks and maybe the top backs of thighs) even doing so from a reasonable distance, the strike from a cane, whip or cat o’ nine tails’ tethers (and cats tend to allow a shorter reach) can land wide…and fucking hard! If you are going to manage this, please lift, swipe, and land the end of your instrument of torture as lightly, and accurately as possible.

Spanking in the wheelbarrow position (also known as ‘Bongo’ Position)

Ok, this one you have to get a little close for. But in this position, you and your partner will be facing far away from each other; this lessens the spread of any possible nasties either of you might be breathing.

If you are unfamiliar with the classic wheelbarrow position, picture if you will…

The spanker needs to be seated either on a chair, couch, or bed where they have ample space at both their left and ride sides. The spankee/sub/bottom manages into the wheelbarrow position by facing away from the spanker, pretty much laying up and across them facing the spanker’s feet and placing one foot to either side of the spanker’s hips. This way, when the spankee gets down on the spanker, they are facing away and downward (the spankee’s torso is lying on their spanker’s lap/knees down) their legs are spread, and if the spanker has the inclination, they can stand, grab the spankee’s feet and hold them like a wheelbarrow. This way, the two people can have all the kinky fun they want, the spankee’s ass is in a perfect position for the spanker to get to, but nobody is facing each other.

Yes, it takes a little practice and a semi-limber bottom to get this going. But it’s a classic position for spanking devotees (or so I have heard, again I don’t know from real life, I am just a humble researcher for you). It’s also supremely humiliating (or fun, take your pick) for the spankee to have his or her ass up high in the air like that, legs spread, so if they happen to be bare, they are flashing more than just their ass to the person they are lying across.

Self-Imposed Chasity

How about a lockdown on your badass self during the lockdown? This is by far the easiest kink to pull off; you don’t even need a partner in the room with you at the time. Just don’t do a thing, sex-wise. Don’t touch yourself, don’t search for porn. Try to keep your mind free and clear of anything salacious. See how long you can go without your brain traipsing over into sexual thought, without you doing more with your showerhead than just using it to point the needle spray where you want. This self-denial, chastity, if you will, works just as well if you have a sometime fuckbud or with a fulltime live-in lover.

As it is for you all, I have no idea where we are headed in the months ahead. As I write this, New York and New Jersey have implemented some sort of ban on folks traveling into our states. I reject the term ‘new normal,’ as most everything I have witnessed so far in how people are dealing with coming out of quarantine seems as far from normal as it can be. But maybe the above can lighten your load a bit, get you back to thinking and acting naughty, and bring a little lightness to your day.

I hope I’ve done my part.

Be well.

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THE SEX FILES: Four Sex Kinks For Quarantine Pleasure