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Published On: Mon, Aug 3rd, 2020

Theresa Lucia: Boxes

Theresa Lucia
(Theresa Lucia)

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The song “Boxes 1,” begins Theresa Lucia’s new EP Boxes, a sweet, slow-opener that features the lady’s unusual warble and some well-placed acoustic-based backing. This title track made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriters Competition.

This debut from the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter features five very personal tracks. It’s an EP one can get pretty wrapped up in, singular as it is in intent and a very mature studied production.

The flicky “Shake The Tree” is a neat story song, featuring some sly drumming from Zack Jones and an overall perfect production; this is certainly one of my favorites here.

“The Text” is killer and poignant. It features, yet again, a very light-hand on production, some atmospheric sounds behind Justin Goldner’s electric piano, and what might be Lucia’s best vocal of these five.

An almost dangerous beginning sweep of sound feeds into a beat snaking behind Lucia on the blatantly sexy read of “Pacifier.” I like how Lucia waited almost to the end of this Ep to get rockin’ and nasty. This song really opens up the EP and reveals another color of this talented lady.

In an era beset (dragged down) by iTunes and Youtube single-track plucking, I appreciate an artist being mindful of the order of song placement, even on EP).

We get back to the warble and folk with the last tune, “Roll With The Punches,” but Goldner’s piano and ukulele add just enough color to lift us from what we might have expected. This also might be the very best lyric on a collection of songs that have very solid lyrics.

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Theresa Lucia: Boxes