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Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020

Little Warrior: Flight Risk

Little Warrior
Flight Risk
(Blue Dot Studios)

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I’m not sure what the difference between a ‘downtempo’ electronic artist and an uptown one is, but Little Warrior, claims she is the former and proves her mettle on her first full-length album, Flight Risk

The first song here “Singing on T.V.,” is just a snippet of a L.W. telling a cute little anecdote, the real meat of 11 tunes begins with the layering of the lady’s warbly vocal over electric piano and drum beat on “Back & Forth (feat. BaOS).

Synths are ascending past beats in “Never Let You Go,” a tune of deep atmosphere that showcases Little Warrior’s slightly hard-to-discern enunciation sexiness. With the title spoken in the mix of the flighty swirls of synths, a way-back-in-the-mix beat, this is a pretty effective little tune showcasing the deep color of Little Warrior’s delivery.

There is a welcome key arpeggio that comes with “Never Be Found,” about at the halfway mark here. The tune is invested with an urgency none of the others here have and gives us another side to this particular warrior and how aggressive she can get. This is also one of the best tunes for me on Flight Risk.

“Over,” has got a cool low snaking Julie Cruise-like breathiness to it. Again, it showcases the vibrant color of Little Warrior’s voice. As she slowly drops in the instruments here, we get one of the best productions of these near twelve.

There’s more spoken word stuff on the last tune ‘A Milli by Tomorrow,” that brings us round to where we started on the odd journey that is Little Warrior’s Flight Risk.

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Little Warrior: Flight Risk