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Published On: Fri, Oct 16th, 2020

How To Digitally Entertain The Slots Players Of The Future

With the unfortunate event that brought 2020 to a standstill, many land-based casinos became vacant facilities. We saw the cancellation of matches worldwide, which in turn had a massive effect on sports betting. The only surviving element that saw an increase in activity was online casino games.

Of course, it won’t be long before gamblers become bored with the current shortage in variety. We’re going to take a quick look at how software developers can create more entertaining slots.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

A new term emerging in the gambling industry is virtual reality casinos. You may have heard about it already, as journalists have been flooding the internet with news about this development. There’s also talk about augmented reality, while mixed reality could combine elements of VR and AR.

The problem is that it requires game lounges in hotels or casinos to enjoy the experience. If we head into further social distancing, it may limit how many can try the new technology. The other option is providing a VR experience with online slots like Gonzo’s Quest VR. 

However, this entails players owning gear at home. The number of players will depend on who can afford the technology.

Skills-based Games

Some countries allow sports betting but not casino slots. The main reason is that the former relies on skill rather than luck. Well, the industry is slowly changing. We’re already seeing new games that have skills-based elements in them.

For example, Evoplay Entertainment’s Dungeon Immortal Evil is a role-playing game where you can run around with your hero and take on different events. The Random Number Generator only kicks in during unique battle modes or with victory rewards.

This form of gambling will attract many millennials and will be more appealing and entertaining. You won’t merely be waiting for the result of the spin. The game actively lets you choose your fate, removing as much of the element of luck as possible.

Interactive Experiences

It all boils down to improving the player’s experience with interaction. It’s become so monotonous to spin reels. We set the system to auto-spin while we make a cup of coffee. After several hours of this so-called activity, there’s nothing much to show for it.

Developers will have to do more to keep the players’ attention. Some suggestions include detailed storylines where the gambler can influence their character’s fate. It changes the focus away from the betting element, still providing rich cash rewards.

Video game developers have already slightly dipped their feet in this environment. When it comes to online multiplayer gaming, players can buy Battle Passes for improved weapons and items. While there’s more skill than luck involved by competing against others, it presents a similar mixture of interaction and valuable prizes.

Final Thoughts

We’re seeing developers pumping out casino games every year for the sake of retaining the player’s attention. Unfortunately, we’re receiving replicas or sequels of slots with no innovation. It’s time for casino software developers to step up and bring something new to the slot scene.

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How To Digitally Entertain The Slots Players Of The Future